European Superpull-Competitors 2019


Competitors 2019

Please note: these lists are subject to change

1st session: 12.00 pm


2nd session: 19.00 pm

Two Wheel Drives Prostocks
  1.CL Coating No Illusion   1.KAWE Runaway Deer
  2.Sledge Hammer   2.Dams Rooster
  3.Inter-Techno Predator   3.John Deere 2 (DK)
  4.Legend and Hero (GB)   4.Mud Patrol
  5.BK Power   5.Blue Hazard
  6.Bad Habit   6.Bredahl Brothers Red Line (DK)
  7.Rattle and Hum   7.Lady Green
  8.    8.Dieselross
 4,5 ton Supersports Mini Unlimiteds
  1.Up and Down   1.Top Dog
  2.Krone Hulk II (DK)   2.Bobcat Jr.
  3.Simply Green   3.Blower Power (N)
  4.Yellow Nightmare (D)   4.Vampire
  5.White Shadow   5.The Challenger
  6.John I Extreme Edition (DK)   6.Groundshaker
  7.Peeters   7.The Riddle
  8.Secret of the Valley   8.Mini Polar Air (USA)
Trucks Unlimiteds
  1.Mitas Black Sensation (B)   1.Green Fighter (D)
  2.Van Heugten Transport   2.VSP Bits'n Pieces
  3.Trek Mack   3.Four No Hemi (I)
  4.Iron Horse   4.Aftermath (GB)
  5.TV Kar   5.Iwan (D)
     6.Komeco Simply Irresistible
      7.Polar Air 75th edition (USA)
Modifieds Superstocks
  1The Judge  1.Zeinstra Green Gangster Deere
  2.Aftermath (GB)  2.All or Nothing
  3.Iwan (D)  3.Rabbit G'n Mad (DK)
  4.VSP Bits 'n Pieces 4.Trackpointer Blue Thunder
  5.Green Monster Stage IV (D) 5.Interaction 2.0
  6.Wicked Screamer 6.Rabbit G'n Wild (DK) 
  7.Four No Hemi (I) 7.European Maid
  8.Polar Air 75th Edition (USA) 8.Zeinstra New Born Deere