European Superpull-Competitors 2017


Competitors 2017

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Note: This list is subject to change.

1st session: 12.00hrs 2nd session: 19.00hrs
Two Wheel Drives Prostocks
  1.Sledge Hammer   1.Appypower
  2.Bad Habit   2.Code Red (B)
  3.Legend and Hero (GB)   3.Bredahl Brothers Red Line (DK)
  4.Rattle and Hum   4.Mud Patrol
  5.Inter-Techno Predator   5.Rocky
  6. BK Power   6.John Deere 2 (DK)
      7.Wickie Power
      8.KAWE Runaway Deer
 Supersports Mini Unlimiteds
1.Red Impact   1.Little Bandit
2.Hulk II (DK)   2.Toplenzen Lambada X
3.Steel to Steal   3.Vampire
4.Simply Green   4.Blower Power (N)
5.Peeters   5.Hella Lambada IX
6.Up and Down   6.Poker Face
7.Black Magic   7.Reny Mission Impossible
8.White Shadow   8.Backdraft
Trucks Unlimiteds
  1.VDB Staalbouw   1.Argos Oil Whispering Giant
  2.Blue Legend   2.MPM Seaside Affair
  3.Van Heugten Transport   3.Snoopy 4 (GB)
  4.MITAS Black Sensation (B)    4.Rising Star
  5.Rocking Horse Junior   5.Aftermath (GB)
  6.Volvo Titan (FIN)   6.Komeco Simply Irresistible
     7.Inter-Techno Lambada
     8.Snoopy 3 (GB)
Modifieds Superstocks
  1.Wicked Screamer  1.Mitas All or Nothing
  2.Inter-Techno Lambada  2.Rabbit G'n Mad (DK)
  3.Snoopy 3 (GB)  3.Maximum Risk
  4.The Judge 4.Galot 1 (USA)
  5.MPM Seaside Affair 5.Agrifac Interaction 2.0
  6.Argos Oil Whispering Giant 6.SøMælk D'n Aerdvruter
7.Aftermath (GB) 7.You Never Know (N)
  8.Rising Star 8.Zeinstra Newborn Deere
   9.Galot 2 (USA)